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8608 SW Hall Blvd
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Everyday 6am to 10pm

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Open 365 Days, 6am to 10pm
(must exit at 11pm)

Huge, Family-Sized Washers

Super-Fast Dryers

Clean, Safe and Spacious

Convenient Parking

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James Pruitt

I don’t know if it’s a fluke, but under the new management the Speed Queen app seems to work so much better. Before, I was always having it bug out and take my money, but not start the machine. The place seems cleaner now too. Gotta disconnect from the old site with the changes though.

Dara DeMonte

I really like this place. It has a Speed Queen app you can download and use to pay the machines. They also have a coin machine and the machines take quarters as well.

Always clean and the app tells you when your clothes are done and has a setting to warn you 3 minutes before it’s done in case you need to add more coins. Also if you are not done by closing you are allowed to stay and finish they don’t kick you out.

Only thing I don’t like was that you can’t take out the laundry carts and you have to carry everything in but that’s probably because they get stolen. It is a very busy spot lots of people usually.

Crystal Mullins

By far the best laundry mat I’ve ever been to.  It’s small, so if it’s busy you could have a wait.  But worth it.  I personally won’t go to another laundry again.

Spoke with the owner while I was here, very nice gentleman.  Wanted to assure me that I could stay as late as I needed to get my laundry done, making sure I knew how to not get locked out until I was done.

I never had clothes completely dry from a laundry mat, until coming here.  When I pulled clothes out of the dryer they were hot to the touch.  That warm comfortable feeling where you want to put the socks on immediately.

Amazing.  I almost want to leave this as a 1 star so I can keep the secret, but this place deserves more.

Violet Cleary

Clean, safe and efficient. Using the Speed Queen App is the way to go! You can log in from home and see how many washers or dryers are available and the time left on them. Load more funds if needed and if a refund in ever owed, they will apply it right on your account immediately. Plus you get bonus funds. The door automatically unlocks at 6 am, so no waiting. Love this place!